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Checklist for enquiries and orders

please indicate the required number of perforated sheets.

Material thickness:
specification in mm.

please indicate the required material.

Width and Length:
specification in mm.

Size of holes:
specification in mm.

If margins are not of importance, please indicate „minimum margin or no margin“. If margins are important, please indicate the margin for all four sides.

Shape of holes:
please indicate if round, square, oblong or rhombic (rectangular) holes are required.

If no other indications are made delivery will be as usual in commerce.

Hole pattern:
please indicate, if staggered, straight or other rows are required.

please indicate the pitch or the width of bridge.

Further information:
If oblong holes are required please indicate if hole length shall be parallel to the longer or shorter outside plate size.

We would prefer to receive a sketch or drawing with all indications and specifications.

For production of perforated sheets it is important to inform us about the type of application, e.g. if the sheets are intended to be used for decorative purposes (surface).


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