Perforated sheets of Aherhammer used in nearly all industries, e.g.:

  • Covering grids
  • Ventilation grids
  • Drying grids
  • Separating grids
  • Screen plates
  • Supporting plates for screen packs
  • Filtering plates
  • Sorting grids
  • Partition walls
  • Instrument panels
  • Floor grids
  • Landing slabs
    • Perforated plates for acoustic ceilings
    • Facing plates for furnaces and ovens
    • Protective covers for motors and machines
    • Facade and wall cladding panels
    • For design and decorative purposes
    • Sheets for balconies, staircases, galleries etc.
    • Stone drying hurdles, cheese supports
    • Perforated seats and backs
    • Sheets for beds, stretches etc.
    • Perforated sheets for show cases
    • Trays for the chemical industry
    • Racks for test tubes
    • Perforated sheets for household devices
    • Rear panels and bottom plates for electronical devices/computers

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